Hotel Maytag Ballroom

Iowa’s Historic Venue

Newton, Ia

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The Venue

Step into the past, into an era of jazz, art deco-inspired design, and magnificent parties held in equally magnificent venues. 

The Hotel Maytag Ballroom is the venue for anyone looking to step out of the tired, predictable, and the contemporary spaces that are all too common these days.

So, if you’re looking to hold an event that celebrates Iowa’s history and experience the sense of gravitas that it brings, look no further, the Hotel Maytag Ballroom is the place you are looking for. 

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Restored Historic Ballroom​

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The History of The

Hotel Maytag Ballroom

Fred Maytag, the founder of the Maytag Corporation, built the hotel in 1926. He brought in architect Henry Raeder of Chicago to design it. Henry, was heavily influenced by another Chicago architect Louis Sullivan, shown off by it’s brick, terra cotta panels, classical motifs of shields and garlands, and classical columns.

Restoring the

Hotel Maytag Ballroom

Tragically the Hotel and Ballroom fell into disrepair in the late 60s after being sold several times, and was divided into offices, apartments, and commercial space. In 2017 the property was sold to Hatch Development Group who ultimately gutted the entire building and replaced the HVAC, mechanical, plumbing, electrical, plaster, ceilings, flooring and sprinkler system.

Now after years of hard work, they have been able to restore the Hotel Maytag and it’s Ballroom back to it’s majestic roots.

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